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Re: funny build error

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> >> On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Paul J Thompson wrote:
> >>
> >> -> no utmp entry available, using value of LOGNAME ("root") at
> >> -> /usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 16.
> >>
> >> Huhhhh... I have the same error on my Debian 1.3
> >> Can anybody help? ;) or... write where or what can I read? ;)
> >
> > This is normal.  The error is produced if dpkg-buildpackage is run from a
> > terminal that does not record logins in utmp (such as an emacs shell window).
> > You can safely ignore the error.
> >
> Except I have been getting this error when running from a normal terminal -- just me sitting 100% plain at the commandline.  What's the deal?

Check that your wtmp file isn't corrupted.  During the upgrade to unstable, 
there is always some combination of packages that produces corrupted utmp, but 
once you are fully unstable, it should go away.

> Also, I have been getting about 4 or 5 of these types of errors after
> I install a package which runs update-menus.
> ------------> Begin update-menus ERROR <---------------
> Missing (or empty) tag: section
>  (This tag needs to defined for the menuentry to make sense)
> /etc/menu-methods//gnome: Aborting
> In file "/usr/lib/menu/majordomo" at line 1:
> command="/usr/doc/majordomo/majordomo-faq.html" description="Frequently asked questions about the Majordomo mailing  list manager" needs="dwww" section="" title="Majordomo FAQ"

This means that menu-method file for gnome is broken.

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