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CYphEr wrote:
  >I think that MS is screwed in the head.  Therefore, I want to switch to
  >your Debian Linux.  But, I have I problem.  I got a copy of your Linux
  >with this months boot magazine and there is one thing I am
  >wondering...my CDROM needs drivers.  How the heck would I access the CD
  >with your Linux on it to install the stuff after repartitioning?

The driver is probably in the kernel on your boot disk: if you tell us
what kind of CDROM it is and how it connects to your hardware, someone
can tell you for sure.

Lots of hardware add-ons need DOS drivers, because MSDOS itself doesn't
support much at all.  Debian Linux builds a lot of things into the kernel;
if you have something special, it is unlikely to be something that stops
you from booting at all.  Once you're running Linux you can rebuild the
kernel to include the driver for the extra piece of hardware that is
special to you.  The only problems are hardware manufacturers that refuse
to release details of how their devices work; in that case, you probably
can't use their stuff.

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