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Re: Boot Linux from GRUB? (Was: Boot HURD with lilo?)

On 19 Nov 1997, Steve Dunham wrote:

> adavis@netpci.com (Alan Eugene Davis) writes:
> > Is it possible to boot HURD from LILO?  
> If you put GRUB on the HURD partition.
> > I seem to have trashed my master boot record during the HURD installation.  
> > SOrry to post this on a Linux list, but I can't find the HURD mailing list.
> Better would be to boot Linux from GRUB.  It has a nice menu system,
> and a command line that groks ext2fs.  (You can select a kernel from
> anywhere on the drive at boot time.)  Moreover, with the Linux
> patches, you can boot bzimages with it - even on machines (like my
> laptop) that LILO can't boot bzimages on.
> (I personally always keep a copy of GRUB on a floppy, so I boot any
> linux box after trashing the MBR.)

GRUB sounds cool. Could someone make a Debian GRUB package? Or is it
commercial software (I have no clue)?


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