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(fwd) Webmin version 0.2 - web based admin for Unix

anyone looked at this?

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Subject: Webmin version 0.2 - web based admin for Unix
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Looking for user-friendly way to manage
 - Crontab
 - NFS exports
 - Inetd
 - SYSV init scripts
 - Local/remote mounts and /etc/fstab
 - Samba
 - Users and groups
 - Disk partitions
 - Running processes
under Redhat Linux 4, Slackware Linux 3, Debian Linux 1.3 and Sparc
Solaris 2.5 ?
This version features a better looking GUI, fdisk and process modules,
bug fixes
and other enhancements over version 0.1

Webmin is a web-based user interface that simplifies Unix system
administration. All you need is Perl version 5.003 and a web browser
that supports forms and tables (such as Netscape or IE). Webmin
includes its own dedicated web server, so no existing web server is

Webmin is currently beta software, and works by directly modifying
files such as /etc/passwd, /etc/fstab and smb.conf. As such, you should
think twice before using it on a vital production system, and be aware
that comments in the files modified are not allways preserved.

Download it now from  http://www.webmin.com/

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