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Re: giving money to gnome

On Fri, Nov 21, 1997 at 08:01:17AM +0100, Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
> > > <Letting off a little steam>
> > > 	Sometimes I think it's a pity that some people haven't had
> [...]
> > Perhaps you would care to apologise for slandering
> > possibly a majority of the people on the list.
> question "why can't we give that money to gnome?". I wrote more than once,
> that there is no technical problem to that, but rather a "conduct"
> problem. Noone bothers to give a real *REASON* why it had to be GNOME,
> that gets the money from the KDE CD.

Look, I am not really surprised that the KDE people are upset.
I agree that giving money generated by a project related to the KDE
to a competitor of theirs (although I don't think they should really
see it that way) is not likely to make them our friend. However,
I am a bit surprised that they would really express their
dislike of this.

> giving money to the GNOME people, *please* state a couple of GOOD reasons
> why we have to give it to GNOME, and why we can't hand it to GTK, dselect,
> or other people not writing a free desktop. I won't think the KDE people
> will mind us giving money from other sources to GNOME later. But in this
> special case of JFL's KDE CD I see why KDE guys are upset.

But why not a free desktop? Don't we need one of those? I think we do.
People, especially people other than Unix wizards, like desktops,
and right now we have a windowing system, not a desktop. We all agree
that KDE cannot be our primary desktop with the Qt problem. GNOME
looks good but needs some work before it will be as polished as KDE.
(I tried 0.9 earlier today.) If KDE were less developed than GNOME,
and we gave the money to GNOME anyway, that would not be nice; however,
GNOME could use a hand it seems, while KDE seems to be doing pretty well.

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