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Re: Bad Maintainer Addresses (!)

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

> Brian White wrote:
> > The following email addresses turned up bad or were said to be going away.
> > The packages they affect need to be fixed in hamm.
> > 
> > If one of your packages is listed here, please fix it asap.  If they
> > remain bad after a couple months, we'll have to assume they have been
> > orphaned.
> There should be a way to change the preferred e-mail address without
> having to upload a new package.

There already is: You publish your email address in your package as:
	<your debian master account name>@debian.org

Then provide an entry in your home directory that redirects your mail from
there to your actual e-mail address. When your actual address changes you
simply log on to your account at master and change the forwarding
information, the package doesn't have to change.

I realize that this must be done in advance. For that reason I have such a
forwarding construct on master even though I have a stable e-mail address.
This means that folks who can remember dwarf@debian.org can still get hold
of me, and any time my situation becomes unstable, I can simply change my
packages to reflect the debian.org address and work from there.

This isn't so critical that it should require a "special" release of the
package to fix it, but the next release should reflect an adequate


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