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Re: Call for project leader candidates

Mike Orr wrote,

[ On issues that the rights to vote for debian's project
  leader should be extended to users as well... ] 
Below are just my opinions:

I disagree.

I am in almost the same position as you.  I'm not a
developer (though I too have intentions to become one once
my project at my U is over), used Debian since 1.1 (not too
long after it started but cannot exactly recall when) and
operates a mirror of the debian ftp site here in Singapore.
My contributions to the lists, however, is rather limited.

The reservations I have in letting users vote is in the
control over the votes.  Lets discuss...

1) The vote is for the project leader... its like choosing a
   manager.  Who fills up the position has direct impact on
   the developers but little on most users.

2) There can be no control over the votes if users are
   allowed to vote.  I am adminstrator for several machines
   here at my department and can create as many accounts as
   I want.

Since the leadership's impact on users is minute, we can say
that voting rights for users is optional.  Yet, allowing
votes from users will create a bloat of voters who may not
know what is best for the project.  Another danger is that
of unfair play... I can write a script that creates accounts
to vote for some guy I favour.  Both issues cloud the
accuracy of outcome of the votes and the latter becomes a
race of whose supporter can create more accounts and send
more votes.  

I am sure there are quite a handful of (non-developer) users
who are equally concerned about the project and would very
much love to express our opinions through voting but where
do we draw the line??  

For the good of the project, I would recommend against
taking any risk of allowing "almost anonymous" votes from
uncontrolled voting.

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