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Announcing supermount-0.6 for 2.0.32 (fwd)

Hi all!

Passing on an announcement i've long been waiting for! :-)

This kernel patch would be a very nice user friendly addon for Debian. 
How about applying this patch to the distribution kernel?

I'm currently compiling it in and will be playing around with it for a
while. I think it would be a good idea if people here could heavily
test the supermount patch.
                                  Thank you, P. *8^)

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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:56:31 GMT
From: "Stephen C. Tweedie" <sct@dcs.ed.ac.uk>
To: supermount-list@dcs.ed.ac.uk
Cc: Stephen Tweedie <sct@dcs.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Announcing supermount-0.6 for 2.0.32

		Announcing supermount-0.6 for 2.0.32 kernels

The latest release of supermount, supermount-0.6, is now available at


    (to appear at)


* New: support for writable ext2fs media

* New: automatic CDRom door lock/unlock (IDE and SCSI drives only)

* Fixed initialisation of mount point inode data

* Fixed several races during unmount/remount code

What is it?

Supermount is a pseudo-filesystem which manages filesystems on
removable media like floppy disks and CD-ROMs.  It aims to make
management of removable media as easy as it is under DOS.

With supermount, you can change the disk in the drive whenever you
want (with the obvious exception that you shouldn't do it when the
filesystem is actively in use).  You don't need to "cd" out of the
directory first, and you don't need to tell the kernel what you're
doing --- supermount will detect the media change automatically.

Supermount will automatically detect whether the media you are
mounting is read-write or readonly, and if you mount a write-protected
disk, then the subfs will be mounted as a readonly filesystem.

Supermount detects when you have finished activity on the subfs, and
will flush all buffers to the disk before completing the operation.
So, if you copy a file onto a supermounted floppy disk, the data will
all be written to disk before the "cp" command finishes.  When the
command does complete, it will be safe to remove the disk.

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