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Re: cdda2wav packaging questions [WAS: cdda2wav: copyright includes entire GPL]

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Erik Andersen wrote:

> I ran into a little problem though that perhaps you can help me
> with.  In the Makefile, you must specify an interface to use, and the
> choices are INTERFACE=\"generic_scsi\" or INTERFACE=\"cooked_ioctl\".  
> These are, it seems, mutually exclusive.  You had it set to use
> "generic_scsi". As the kernel ide-cd maintainer, I am somewhat biased
> towards "cooked_ioctl", which works with ATAPI drives, but that would
> mean that the SCSI folks are out of luck, and what worked before will
> no longer work.  But if I make a "cooked_ioctl" version, the ide
> folks are out of luck, which is also unacceptable...  Any good
> ideas?  Should I make _two_ cdda2wav packages?  You thoughts would be
> apprecieated.

(I never thought about this yet. I just tried generic_scsi and it worked
for me so I used it for the package :-)

First of all, I'm _no expert_ in these things. So maybe I'm completely

1. Are you sure that the cooked_ioctl interface does not work with SCSI? 

2. It looks like if cdda2wav has a command line option "-I" to specify the

"         -I interface: specify the interface for cdrom access.\n"
"                     : (generic_scsi or cooked_ioctl).\n"

Does this solve the problem?

If not, we should discuss your other solutions.



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