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Re: The chronoilogicallly ordered bug pages

	I'd also like to state on this forum my *reasons* for not
 wanting a reverse chronological listing. 

	The reverse chronological listing has some validity for things
 like a changelog. I usually read a changelog is I a very interested
 in the package, and I suually do so for subsequent releases. Most of
 the new changes are at the top, and I'm only interested in what has
 changed since the last version. Each entry in a changelog is rarely
 related to older entries.

	Bug reports, like correspondence, usually buildup a thread of
 conversaton, and I usually like to follow the htread to the
 end. Unlike changelogs, I find that the reverse chronolofical listing
 of bug repoorts is a nuisance in more cases than not.

	I realize this sounds like mere personal preference, but
 reverse chronological listing in changelogs save me time, on the
 average, while reverse chronological listings in bug reports do not,
 they just irritate me mildly.

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