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Re: Become a Debian Developer!

I have tried to become a Debian developer.  I have a little package
(fairly simple Makefile, one executable and one man page to install).
It took me a few goes over at least a year, but now I have a .deb file
and my package is installed on my machine (1.3) and it works fine.

So I mailed new-maintainer@debian.org two months ago and heard nothing
back.  What did I do wrong?  Is it that I am author as well as
maintainer of the package?  Perhaps the use of a mail alias was
off-putting?  Or perhaps it is a libc6 thing? (I'll compile against libc6
if I've done everything else right).

Tony Robinson

>From ajr Sun Sep  7 07:53:57 1997
To: new-maintainer@debian.org

/usr/doc/dpkg/policy.html/ch-developer.html writes:

> 6.2 When you have a package to upload
> When you have your package ready to be uploaded you must send a message
> to new-maintainer@debian.org.
> The message should say what you've done and who you are, and should ask
> for an account on master and to be subscribed to debian-private (the
> developers-only mailing list). It should contain your PGP key (extracted
> using pgp -kxa) for the database of keys which is shipped with dpkg.

Right - I'm Tony Robinson, I'm author of shorten which is a compressor
for audio files (and others).  I wrote shorten about five years ago and
it is quite stable.  I have recently added RIFF WAVE support and I'd
like to release the new version as a Debian package.  I've built and
installed the package locally (shorten_2.3-1_i386.deb,
shorten_2.3-1.tar.gz) and I've subscribed to debian-devel (is there a

As described above, I would now like an account on master and to be
subscribed to debian-private (as ajr-debian-private@softsound.com please
on the expectation that the volume is the same as debian-devel).

My public key follows.

Thank you.

Tony Robinson

Type Bits/KeyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024/D8B762D5 1997/09/04 Tony Robinson <ajr@softsound.com>

Version: 2.6.3ia


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