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Re: boot scripts

This came up on the FHS list. Strange ...

tethys@ml.com (Tethys)  wrote on 28.11.97 in <199711280935.JAA06524@isengard.uk.ml.com>:

> >> No. The version of Debian I have doesn't use symbolic links to
> >> init.d scripts at all. It uses a configuration file (I think
> >> /etc/runlevel.conf) to control which scripts get started/stopped
> >> at which runlevels.
> >
> >That's not the standard Debian layout. It's what you get when you install
> >the file-rc_*.deb.
> >
> >And it only works because under Debian, all packages access either the
> >links, or the config file, via an update-rc program (which is changed by
> >this package).
> Fair enough. All I can say is that my Debian CD installed like that by
> default. I happen to think it's a good way of doing things, too. If you're
> interested, I'm using a Debian CD from Greenbush, from around July of this
> year. Maybe the official Debian CDs don't do this by default...

MfG Kai

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