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Re: CC's of mailing list mail

Gergely Madarasz <gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> writes:


> Several additional arguments against that FAQ:
>   A really reasonable mailer (e.g. pine, dont start a flame on this
>   please ;)) offers you to reply to the From: or the Reply-To:, so you can
>   choose whether you want to answer publicly or privatelly.

Other mailers (e.g. Gnus) let you set a single address that is used
when you select "F"ollowup.

>   A reasonable listserver (e.g. smartlist, debian lists run on this, dont
>   they?) does NOT set a Reply-To: if the original sender already set it.

Which means that some list replies to these people will end up not
making it to the list, which could be quite unexpected to people used
to using Reply-To:.

> Personal experience:
>   On high-volume lists, on which I don't have time to follow all threads
>   (this would be debian-devel for example) I find it useful to get CC-s of
>   mails which refer to my mails... so debian-devel suits me...

Most people's MUAs add a References header.  I just score off my
(bogus) machine name there.

>   Considering these two last points it would be difficult to find a way
>   that would suit all listmembers here. Perhaps there should be a vote for
>   this ? ;)

A *vote* on debian-devel?  :-o

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