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Re: Become a Debian Developer!

> I have tried to become a Debian developer.  I have a little package
> (fairly simple Makefile, one executable and one man page to install).
> It took me a few goes over at least a year, but now I have a .deb file
> and my package is installed on my machine (1.3) and it works fine.
> So I mailed new-maintainer@debian.org two months ago and heard nothing
> back.  What did I do wrong?  Is it that I am author as well as
> maintainer of the package?  Perhaps the use of a mail alias was
> off-putting?  Or perhaps it is a libc6 thing? (I'll compile against libc6
> if I've done everything else right).

You probably mailed at the time Klee Diennes, the previous new maintainer 
officer was away and/or having email problems.  Martin Schulze (aka Joey) took 
it over now, and he is quite fast at taking care of new maintainers.  Another 
possibility is that your message never got through, because being the debian 
keyring  maintainer, I get all new-maintainer messages too, and I don't 
remember seeing yours. Please repost your message to new-maintainer.  

Btw, you really should recompile your package with libc6.

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