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Debian 1.2 Installation

Howdy Folks, I am trying to install Debian 1.2 from the Infomagic Dec 1996
edition of CD set..I created the RESQ1440.BIN, DRV1440.BIN, and 
BASE14-[1/2/3/4].BIN on the differnt floppies, I tried to boot the system, it
began to boot, uncompress the ROOT.BIN aswell as the default Linux kernel
then began to scan for various hardware in my system, it failed on most of
the CD-ROM detections, since I have a SCSI NEC CD-ROM, anywayz, it checked
and failed on finding Mitsumi, mcdx, Sony, Aztech and Goldstar CD-ROMS, right
after the Goldstar detection fails, I get a line that reads:

$id: cm206.c,v  1996/08/11  10:35:01  david Exp $

Now I assume it is trying to find another CDROM or something, so I let it go
for a while, I have tried different floppies, Rawrite 1.3 and Rawrite 2.0
and all of them come to the EXACT same spot and stop, I waited first only 5
and saw no action, then I waited for about 30 mins and saw nothing, then I 
decided to wait for 2 hours and still then I saw no action..I was wondering
if you could tell me what the problem here is?? I can easily install Redhat
4.0 and I am sure I can install Slackware 3.1 aswell, but I would like to try
out Debian..

My Current hardware:
Intel P200 w/o MMX
Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller
|-> Conner 2.14 SCSI-II HD
|-> DEC 240 Meg SCSI-I HD
Western Digital EIDE 6.5 GIG HD attached to the Primary IDE adapter on the
SoundBlaster 32
US Robotics 33.6 Internal modem
Diamond Stealth 2000 video card with the Trio64V+ Chipset w/ 2 MB Ram
Sony Multiscan17se 17" monitor
Microsoft Mouse
SMC Ethernet Card

Well a lot of this is useless info, but I just thought I would spit it all out
I am sure none of this hardware is uncompatible, as I was using Redhat 4.0
fine, I just got the WD 6.5 gig HD, so I thought I would give Debian a shot,
I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions you might provide..Thanx..


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