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Re: 2.0 release estimate ?

> "James E. King, III" <jking@ariessys.com> writes:
> > I am porting a multi-threaded C++ database server to Linux, coming
> > from Solaris, AIX, NT, and MacOS (yes, believe it or not!).
> > 
> > Obviously g++ 2.8 isn't available yet, so forget optimizing that
> > template code.
> Well, we're using egcs here pretty successfully with templates, STL,
> and threads.  I've heard that the absolute latest snapshot may have a
> few problems, but 971023 works much better for us than gcc-2.7.X did.
> > I would like to be able to tell my customers who want a Linux
> > product when they might be able to download and install a glibc2
> > based Linux distribution.  It makes the porting of my code easier..
> > I di not want my customers building and installing glibc2.  Do
> > you have an estimated release date for Debain 2.0 x86?  I was
> > poking around on your web site and it said "fall", so I assume it's
> > slipped a bit?
> Yes, it has.  I think most of us here would hesitate to give you any
> firm date.  If past practice is any guide, we'd slip it.
> In my opinion, if you're willing to be even a little adventurous,
> unstable's quite usable now.

I agree.  I upgraded fully to hamm about 1 month ago.  I'm also running
kernel 2.1.59.  Things are very stable for me.  No reboots for about a
week (and that was to print something from P*b97 :( ).  FVWM2 locked once
during this time, but I just killed and restarted it.


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