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Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken

> I veto that idea on grounds of over-complexity.

I agree.

> xterm entries.  One is "xterm", which is what's currently "xterm-old" in
> ncurses-term.  The other is "xterm-debian", which is the new one.  I ask the

Errr, I think that's bad.  It ends up making debian *more* distinct,
with no real value.

I think this is just an education issue -- I didn't even *know* about
xterm-old until I saw this thread, and it solved the problems I was
having from other systems (so did set term=vt100, but xterm-old is
correct :-)  After all, one *wants* the new xterm entry when coming
from any Xfree86 3.3 or X11R6.3 or later system, which will eventually
be most of them.

Maybe there's a helper script we could write that would make it easier
for people who are having problems (I'll note that I haven't been
getting any bug reports about this...)

>debian X maintainer to hack xterm so it defaults to TERM=xterm-debian, perhaps
>only when running a local shell.  (M.E.:  Is this possible?)

mm, you could mean "when DISPLAY is :0" or "when there is no -e
command argument"; either hack is possible, but I don't think either
is useful.  (I personally tend to put up xterm's automatically and
then run rlogin or telnet later -- and in that case, I want a TERM
entry that will work on the remote system... or at least I want it to
be consistent, so I'm not surprised when I *do* add an xterm -e to a
menu somewhere.)

In summary, I don't think we actually have a *bug* right now -- just a
user-education issue.  I don't think "dumbing down" the xterm entry is
advisable, keeping the older entry explicitly as a -old entry makes

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