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Re: Call for outside parties to produce non-free CD

neither non-free nor contrib is part of the debian gnu/linux
distribution. why do we include contrib on our official cdrom ?

we could create seperate cd images for contrib, non-free, and main,
but that will waste space on the cdroms.

we could create seperate cd images for every combination of contrib,
main and non-free (and maybe even non-US), but this will make debian-CD
much larger.

we could try to make debian-cd foolproof, but people are to inventive
with creating bugs.

i don't know, if this is practical, but : what about creating big tar.gz
files and a script only calling mkisofs with the right parameters ?
this will make it easy to combine main, contrib, non-free and non-us,
and not waste disk space on ftp servers, nor on the final cdrom.

i am not happy with the current cdimage. our dilemma is, that we need a
foolproof solution to prevent imagemagick and others ship defect debian

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