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Re: A few questions..

> I recently received a Debian Linux CD, and i need to know if I can 
> install Debian to a second HD and beable to boot from it, and still be 
> able to boot WIN95 from the 1'st HD. 
> So linux is on D: and win95 on C:.. will this work with debian.. I have 
> system commander too. please reply as soon as possible.

Shure, it will work. While install I would recommend *not* to put LILO
but create a boot floppy. This would mean that for the first time to
boot Linux you would have to insert this floppy and boot from it. 
(After boot you can remove it from the drive). After you become
comfortable with linux, partitions, etc. you will install LILO on the root
partition (probably /dev/hdb1  in your case) and add this partition as an
item to your boot manager (system commander) to have a menu of choices
during boot time and forget about boot floppy.

Alex Y,
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