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Re: Free Java Development Environment (fwd)

Bruce Perens <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

> Are we packaging all of these?

I'm waiting for the patches for kaffe to work with kore
to become available, and then I'll take a stab at packaging
kaffe (0.8.4), kore, and biss-awt 0.87.  I'm reworking the
packaging for jdk1.0 somewhat also.

There's a newer kaffe (0.9.2) upstream that supports jdk1.1,
and a new biss-awt coming out imminently.

It'll be challenging to see if I can get the kaffe/biss-awt
/kore/jdk1.0 packages for JDK 1.0.2 to co-exist with the
kaffe/biss-awt/jdk1.1 packages for JDK 1.1.x.

Basically, I'm in a holding pattern waiting for upstream
releases.  I've been waiting since springtime though.

I'm not intending to work on any of the other Java packages


 - Jim

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