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Re: Bug#14366: terminfo entry for "xterm" is broken

In article <345F74AC.B0FCC641@micron.net>,
Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net> wrote:
>Okay, how's this for a compromise.  I redesign ncurses-base so it includes two
>xterm entries.  One is "xterm", which is what's currently "xterm-old" in
>ncurses-term.  The other is "xterm-debian", which is the new one.  I ask the
>debian X maintainer to hack xterm so it defaults to TERM=xterm-debian, perhaps
>only when running a local shell.  (M.E.:  Is this possible?)

I'm really not keen on any of these ideas.  They all involve version-slew
problems of one sort or another.  The only true solution would have been
for the upstream maintainers of xterm to change the terminal type when
they added new features.

Hmm.  There was an xterm-color at one point, wasn't there?  Is the new
xterm compatible with xterm-color?  If so, it might be better to use that,
as it's likely to be installed on more machines than xterm-debian.

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