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Re: definitions

> Hi,
> >>"Paul" == Paul J Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> writes:
> Paul> and now we'll quote the dictionary?  anyone (Manoj) what's the
> Paul> Webster definition of free?
> Paul> I'm serious too, I want to hear it here...
> 	Glad to oblige. The definition is long, and unlike dogma, has
>  multiple meaning, and shades of meanings. Something like the DFSG is
>  needed to qualify it to make clear exactly what you mean. There are
>  44 meaning (please persevere to the end, there is more after the
>  definition, and if I spent the time to write it, you can at least
>  read it)

<sniped definitions of free>

While we are on definitions...   :)

    ... a definite authoritative tenet ...
  and also
    .. a definite authoritative tenet ... put forward without adequate grounds.

    positive in assertion of opinion esp. when unwarranted and arrogant.

    < can refer to either dogma or dogmatism. >
    DICTATORIAL is a synonym.

(From Merriam Webster's Ninth New Collegiate)

While we'll certainly always have some dogmatic Debian developers, I
certainly hope the debian distribution never is characterized by
dogmatism.    ;)

Lee Olds

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