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Re: giving money to gnome

> > <Letting off a little steam>
> > 	Sometimes I think it's a pity that some people haven't had
> Perhaps you would care to apologise for slandering
> possibly a majority of the people on the list.

Yes, I *AM* sorry, but the amount of "hate-mail" I got this morning was
just too much. I don't think that I am that 'narrow sighted', but I don't
think it's my (non-native) English that's so bad that everyone just
blissfully ignores the content of what I write and replies with the same
question "why can't we give that money to gnome?". I wrote more than once,
that there is no technical problem to that, but rather a "conduct"
problem. Noone bothers to give a real *REASON* why it had to be GNOME,
that gets the money from the KDE CD.

Bruce just repeatedly tells me: That was what people wanted. Fine, I
didn't even get the discussion. If I am pressed for time (as I have been
the last "couple" of weeks, and probably will be for the next couple as
well), I can only browse through the contents here.
Maybe - just maybe - no matter what the outcome of this discussion is -
next time there is something to decide about with all developers, send a
mail CC'd to every developer directly - so the announcement gets in our
standard mail folder, instead of being moved into the "debian-devel"
folder that I can usually only scan the subjects of at the moment.
'procmail' just doesn't notice, that there was a special announcement for
a decision that is to be made. I only just dropped into this thread,
because money is a "somewhat" unusual topic here, otherwise I would've
skipped it for now due to lack of time... [Which is also why I gave away
my .deb recently, and stated, that I'll be taking another orphaned package
on at the beginning of next year - I'll probably have enough time at that
time, we just need to finish two work projects this year, and that also
costs a good deal of time]

Just for a change, please, those people who don't see a problem with
giving money to the GNOME people, *please* state a couple of GOOD reasons
why we have to give it to GNOME, and why we can't hand it to GTK, dselect,
or other people not writing a free desktop. I won't think the KDE people
will mind us giving money from other sources to GNOME later. But in this
special case of JFL's KDE CD I see why KDE guys are upset.


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    32-bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit
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