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Copyright question


The author of rocks'n'diamonds (and mirrormagic) seems willing to
change the copyright, to allow inclusion in debian main!

The reason for his previous (restrictive) license was mostly fear
of people removing his name from the introscreen and such. Does not
GPL and Artistic protect him from these changes? If they do, it
might be possible to talk him into using a standard license.

His currently proposed copyright reads:
This program is copyrighted (c) 1995-1997 by Holger Schemel.

It is freely distributable under the condition that if you want to
distribute the package with modifications other than adding new Makefiles,
additional patches and resulting binaries you have to ask the author for
permission first.

Ray has suggested that the "have to ask" should be changed to "must make
a sincere effort to ask". Would this license be acceptable then?

                Ole J. Tetlie, student at the University of Oslo
-----------------Debian GNU/Linux-----------------------Eiffel-----------------
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