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Free Software orientation NOT at stake

Bruce said:

: I'm not actually asking them to _agree_ with it, just _comply_ with it
: and understand that the project is _not_ going to give up its free
: software orientation. That's worth considering before you join.

I dont think anyone wanted Debian to give up the free software
orientation. You are fighting some of your imaginations here.

The issue here is how we go about dealing with other projects and people
in the world. From what you say I am under the impression that the
non-free section is something that you do not want to be known. Instead of
telling people: Yes if you have something that is not DFSG compliant we
can put it into the non-free section, you want to hit them with a hammer
and say : Debian will not include your software unless you change you
licensing. We are always right. We do the right thing (tm) and you better
shape up to our standards or else.

And sometimes I wonder how long the non-free section will be allowed to
exist? When Shaya talked about Vitamin-D you sounded as if you would be
ready to get rid of non-free.

The issue is not that we want to change the project. You are wanting to
change Debian and make Debian the FSF. The FSF advocates free software. 
Debian provides the best Linux distribution and should not antagonize
other organizations and people but include as much software as possible. I
dont care if software is in the non-free section. A indirect encouragement
to the authors to make their software available under the GPL is
certainly good. I am with you all in wanting to have GPLed software if
possible but not at any price.

And another issue has just surfaced: Do developers need to have to satisfy
the political correctness test of swearing an oath to the free software
guidelines before they are allowed to release software?

I dont care what their attitude is as long as the software they are
releasing is good, well-maintained and as free as we can get it.

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