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Re: funny build error

> utmp is the file where logins are reported located in /var/log.  You browse its 
> contents with 'last'.  

I looked at my utmp with last and saw it had some funny values in it.  (It 
claimed one of my users had been logged on for 60 some thousand hours since 
1969 (and was still logged on)) so I went ahead and cleared my utmp.  Then I 
tried a dpkg-buildpackage again and once again got the same error.  So, I also 
cleared my wtmp (/var/log/wtmp) with a "echo > wtmp".  This didn't help either.

> > Is utmp restarted every reboot?  If not, do I maybe need to delete my current 
> > utmp (because it is corrupted) to let a new correct one be built?
> yes, you might want to type 
> echo "" > utmp
> if you see that it's corrupted with last.

What exactly is wtmp?  Is _it_ restarted on reboot?  And, what other ideas do 
you have?

                - Paul J Thompson

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