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Re: Copyright question

Christian Schwarz wrote:
>   ``This program is copyrighted (c) 1995-1997 by Holger Schemel.''
> noone would be allowed to remove his (Holger's) name from the code
> without explicit written permission. (For that, it doesn't matter
> which license--if any--is applied.)


> This might change as soon as someone else makes lots of changes to the
> code, though.

I don't think so. The original owner remains. 

You put your copyright on the parts that you wrote/added, but the recent
querelle about ncurses pointed out that adding code to a copyrighted
program you're implicitly accepting its terms (license and ownership).

So, when you make large changes, it's better to do the opposite: write
"your" program adding code from the other's sources (if the license
permits this) marking those with the original copyright (you took the
code, he didn't sent it to you) and license terms.

As a rule of thumb for this I think that the code re-used should be less
than 50% of the total, but on this I'm not sure ...

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