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[no subject] Re: "DSFG Free"? "infinite loop in interrupt" "upgrading" ncurses packages (Fwd) Re: parallel zip and scsi-kontroller conflict (no subject) (off topic)Re: crypting a whole filesystem or directory? (sendmail || bind) help (SOLVED) Fwd: Can't install Debian 1.3.1 .32 kernel .xreset equivalent of .xsession? /etc/hostname <-- FQDN? /etc/init.d/network /etc/networks /proc/interrupts - conflicts? Re: 06032921167-0001@T-Online.De 1.2 to 1.3.1 kernel 1.3.1 Setup with ULTRA DMA disk 10/100Base-T Question Re: 10/100Base-T Questiones 100Mb networking Re: 1997 World Series 2.0.31 kernel Re: 2.0.31 kernel - SCSI problems 2.0.31 kernel source 2.0.31: no more than 8 swap partitions, memory leaks? 2.0.32 - what's new? 2.0.32 based Rescue/Root disk needed 2.0.32 kernel: strange error 2.0.32pre5 kernel 2.1.30 and 3c900 module: Transmitter access conflict 3c509 Detection problem. Experienced user needs assistance. 3c509.c Driver modification for over-clocked AMD 5x86 133 detection. 56k 95 to Debian [ Xephem-smotif problems] [BIND] Delegation question--update [DEBIAN] Financial software? [DEBIAN] Problem on filtering messages from the list RE: [Debian]: Lyx, Ausgabe von Umlauten ueber xdvi [Off Topic] Dumb Perl Question... [OFF TOPIC] M$ Explorer for Solaris!!!! Re: [OFF-TOPIC] linux-kernel list is down? [off-topic] Pentium bug: unbelievable behavior [OFFTOPIC] Re: Ultra SCSI [Q] CD-RW [Q] defrag [Q] half-duplex mode with EEPRO100 [Q] Matrox Millennium II [Q] multi-disk [Q] problems with TimeZone, Clock & xntp [Q] source package building [Q] talk - Couldn't bind to control socket... [Q] xscreensaver does not work [side question] Re: MTA Suggestion [SOLVED] Annoying boot-up messages [SOLVED] man problem, bo [SOLVED] unable to start PCMCIA service Re:[Thanks] IP Masquerade and X-Windows [X Resources] Which Debian packages? `su to root' entry in syslog Accel-X and Debian Accepting fax using external SupraFaxModem 28.8 access to mount filesystems Adaptec AAA-131 Adaptec AHA-2940 Re: Adaptec AHA-2940 (aic7xxx mailing list) add video memory Adding new XEmacs packages Adding users to groups AFS on debian 2.0.32 / unresolved symbols RE: allow mount to normal use allow mount to normal user amd mounting local filesystem Re: amd/automount [Was: nis] ANNOUNCE: deb-view.el [was: using dpkg to "see" the contents of a package] Annoying boot-up messages Annoying Newbie Questions... Anti-relaying rules for smail? Any librarians around?? :) Anybody using Syquest drives?? anyone use cdroms from l debian book Apache question.. apache rewrite apologies and fix for fetchmail apology to list applix 4.3 rpm -> deb Re: Applying patches to linux 2.0.30 Approve script of Majordomo Are there any efficient backup programs for Linux? artifacts with diamond 2500 ATAPI NEC CDROM Changer ati 3d xpression + pc2tv ATI Graphics cards (Xpert@Work/Play, etc) autodetect on debian autofs and 2.0.31 autofs and ncpfs autofs/2.0.32 AWE 64 Troubles despite following FAQ awe64 problem! AWE64 Setup Solution... Re: AWE64 Setup Solution... THANKYOU!!! backing-up dselect state files backup deselections? base64 Re: Bash 2.01-5 vi-style line editing- FIXED bash syntax best Linux video card Re: best Linux video card (Open Hardware) Best partition distibution for new install. bind configuration BIND help a bit more on that PPP & PAP Bogomips halved! Book for writing shell scripts. Booting from drive connected to a PCMCIA SlimSCSI adapter re-boots due to wuftpd ? bounced mails Re: buffers getting way out of control building twin a c++ version of efence Re: Can Debian replace Windows NT Server? Can I use Samba with dial-up? can't change password Can't find Can't install Debian 1.3.1 Re: can't install LILO can't load library Can't login anymore Can't see second hard disk cannot execute /etc/init.d/boot cannot find qt1g in unstable cannot install 3c509 cannot install gimp in unstable cannot open /dev/cua2 case statement question again... case statement question... CD mount CD recording question CD-ROM & Floppy cdrecord + "HP-CDWriter 7100" ; need help cfingerd not working for remote for remote queries RE: CGI Script RE: CGI SCRIPT change IP checker compile problem Re: chimera compile: package dependencies Cleaning dselect cmucl COM 5? Extra I/O Card? Commands Manual RE: Communicator 4 Communicator 4. Compaq Mouse vs PPP vs hostname Comparison of ultra dma disks vs scsi? compile compile error (kernel) compile problems on new k6 compiling kernel error Compiling land.c compiling compiling wine/twin Configuring a pcmcia networkcard configuring bind Configuring dftp to get hamm Configuring Pine The last update was on 06:14 GMT Fri Jun 03. There are 2842 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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