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Re: Can't login anymore

Chuma Agbodike wrote:
  >Thanks Oliver. You nailed it.


  >I had forced install of libreadlineg2, libc6 and a bunch of other stuff post
      >gresql 6.2.1 was complaining about that it needed. Boy! am I sorry I did
      > that.
  >What a mess. My dotmatrix
  >printer now prints a line a minute. Still can't figure that one out. Fixed s
  >Anyway you mentioned changing /bin/bash to some other shell. I tried csh and
      > it made it possible to login. But when I tried to run some scripts I go
  >segmentation fault.
  >So I reinstalled libreadline2 from cdrom. Booted and I get my usuual login p
  >Now maybe you can help. How do I get libreadling2 to install. With it I can 
      >run the
  >progres psql. Without it I get a buzzing sound until I control-C.
  >I think I still have libc6 in there. But maybe that's  why am having trouble
      > with printing.

I think you need to read the Debian libc5 to libc6 Mini-HOWTO posting which
appears every week or so on this list, thanks to Scott Ellis.  You need to 
complete the process of installing libc6.  This involves upgrading several
libc5-compatible libraries so that they can co-exist with libc6. 

  >Also can you tell me what version of progres you run .

6.2.1, compiled with libc6 headers.  I'm hoping to upload a Debian package of 
it tomorrow; it's being tested now.

  >Incidently I sent you a message a few days before I got into this jam.
  >To olly@lfix.co.uk and pointed out to you that the URL in your signature is 
Fixed, thanks.  (I never got the mail, but I had a whole lot of trouble with
mail a couple of days back and lost a whole chunk down a black hole.)

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