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Re: 2.1.30 and 3c900 module: Transmitter access conflict

   On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Philippe Troin wrote:
   I had a similar set-up where I needed to use the AUI interface.  I
   found that the autoselect mechanism got fooled and I had to set the
   media type manually at boot time (or at module load time).  I think
   it was options=1, but you ought to check the doc's for sure.  (I
   would, but my system is not accessible at the moment.)

I had tried `insmod 3c59x options=1', which I guessed by looking at
the sources (what docs?), but I was fooled into thinking that didn't
work because the load message said "autoselect/10baseT interface".
However, I just tried again and, after running ifconfig, I get

eth0: media override to transceiver 1 (10Mbs AUI)

and indeed it works.  Thanks to all for your help (I'll get the latest
version of the driver nonetheless).

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