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Re: bounced mails

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Shaleh wrote:

> I get e-mail from various people's server about mail bouncing.  This
> appears to be a problem with the debian list-serv.

FYI:  The bounceograms are, in fact, from various peoples' servers, and in
particular, ones that don't follow standardized email RFCs.  As Debian
listmaster, I receive an average of 500 bounceograms per day (aren't
filters great?).  Since those bounceograms keeping arriving and nothing
has changed with respect to the Debian lists, I'm well convinced that the
Debian mailing lists are working properly.

Now, a request for the masses: In the future, please READ the automatic
footer on the bottom of the various Debian mailing lists.  If there is
trouble with the mailing lists, email me at my day job.  Since it is a
"day job", I shouldn't rightfully be reading debian-user all day long, and
directing the message to me will help speed results (I read through
debian-user on my own time, which is sporadic, so I'm not as likely to
notice a message in the heaps of new mail there).  Please DO NOT send
messages like this through the list(s)...chances are, it won't do any good
for 99% of the folks who get the message (or at least 99% can't fix it).



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