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Re: awe64 problem!

On Thu, Nov 27, 1997 at 09:28:15PM -0500, Benoit Joly wrote:
> hi,
> i have some prob with my awe64...
> i compiled my kernel with sb16 support irq 5, dma 1, hdma 5, ...
> (i looked in my windows for these settings, so it's supose to be good)
> and when i boot i can only see:
> sound init started 
> sound init finish
> so i suppose that's because my card is pnp, and then ran 
> isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf (from pnpdump)...
> but when i do cat /dev/sndstat
> my card doesnt seems to be detected in audio section
> what's wrong??

Many things. First, sound should be compiled as module (did you), because
you have first to start isapnp. Then you have to use the awe32 patches to
the kernel for awe64^H^H32 support.

Please see the Soundblaster AWE (mini) HOWTO at sunsite, in your doc/HOWTO
directory or at:

Thank you,

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