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Re: [DEBIAN] Problem on filtering messages from the list

> > May I suggest all subscribers of this Debian list use some convention in
> > sending messages to the list?  I found it very difficult to
> > differentiate between the messages from this Debian list and those from
> > other lists.   I used to sort it by the "To" field of the message, but
> > later I found out there are messages arrived at my INBOX that are not
> > sent TO the official list address "debian-user@lists.debian.org".
> > Sometimes these messages are TO some other Debian or Linux list
> > addresses but other times they are TO a person.  This makes me feel
> > puzzled.  But maybe I join the list for a short time only.  So could
> > someone tell me what should I do to properly sort those messages from
> > THIS Debian list?  Could we simply use a convention in the message
> > "Subject" field, like what I saw someone's doing (like the one in THIS
> > message)?
> > 
> It would be stupid to enforce restrictions like that on the
> messages. Your sorting problems should be solved in another way. I
> suggest you sort by the resent field. All messages in this list
> contain the header: "Resent-From: debian-user@lists.debian.org"

You can also sort on the X-Mailing-List: header.
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