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Re: Adaptec AHA-2940 (aic7xxx mailing list)

I think the aic7xxx driver in 2.0.32 is very recent.  There's is, however,
a patch for it on ftp.dialnet.net in /pub/linux/aic7xxx/2.0.32.  I haven't
used it yet, as I don't seem to have problems with the stock 2.0.32 driver.

> There is a mailing list but I can't find the address.  If you don't find
> it drop me a line and I'll look around.

Here goes:

  AIC7xxx                               Adaptec Device Drivers
  This list is dedicated to the discussion of the Adaptec aic7xxx
  family of disk controllers and the driver support for them in
  FreeBSD and Linux.  This includes the AHA-274X, AHA-284X,
  AHA-2940, AHA-3940, and AHA-398X adapters.

To subscribe, send email to Majordomo@FreeBSD.ORG with the body
of the message:

subscribe aic7xxx

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