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Re: Configuring a pcmcia networkcard

Selim Issever wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to install debian-linux on my laptop. If it matters: it is
> a Panasonic CF-61 and the card is a NE2000 compatible card.
> So far eveything worked very well! Wow,.. very easy,.. up to one little
> problem,.. connecting to the net. Ill start at the beginning (ill try to
> be brief):
> 1) Patitioning was already done,..
>  hbda1 -> Windows
>  hbda2 -> Used by the Laptop
>  hbda3 -> Linux swap
>  hbda4 -> Container partition for 5 and 6
>  hbda5 -> Linux partition
>  hbda6 -> Linux partition
> 2) I downloaded all the stuff in the debian ftp directory
>  base1.bin, ... base5.bin
>  base1_3.bin,.. loadlin, root.bin, linux,.. and all the rest,..
>  Plus,.. I loaded down the pcmcia_cs-....deb and pcmcia-modules.deb
>  packages
>  into C:\debian
>  (I did it from windows as you can see)
> 3) I started linux via loadlin from the C:\debian dir (from DOS) as
>  stated in the manual: loadlin linux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin
>  or the like,..
> 4) linux started,.. found all hardware,.. all but the pcmcia-interface,..
>  but ok,.. I was forewarned by the manual already,.. I did all the
>  configuration,.. mounting the partitions,.. driver installation,..
>  basesystem,.. and everything,..
>  pcmcia package is not avalable at this point (also stated in the
>  manual) and,..
>  of coursse at this point I cant load any networkcards, as the pcmcia
>  interface is not working yet,..
> 5) Configure Net,.. Ok,.. I type in all the necessary information,..
>  When debian asks me for the 'default' netconnection I choose pcmcia,..
> OK,.. everything is done and the system reboots,..
> 6) configre users,..
> 7) I install all the pcmcia-* packages,..
> 8) reboot again,..
> 9) Hey great!! the interface is working (I tried already other
>  distributions,.. they didnt succeeded at this point! SO I had a big
>  smile on my face ;)) -> The adapter is blinking
> 10) hmm,.. but how do I proceed now??????
>  How do I tell my system to use NE2000 networkcards??
>  can I start dinstall again?? (It does not find it,..)
>  telnet 0 or
>  telnet 127.0.01 or
>  telnet localhost or
>  telnet elif
>  do not work!!!! I get unknown host messages,..
>  There seem to be 2 problems,..
> *SIGH*,.. any help would be very much appreciated!!!
> I am now trying to get my networkcard working with linux for about 3
> week,.. there must be a solution,..
> ThanX in advance!

First off I'd recommend cat'ing your /proc/module file and seeing if you
indeed have an entry for your network card.  Second, I'd use ifconfig
<devicename> where devicename is your particular interface (in most
cases this is eth0) and see if it has any interesting things to say.

Another thing to consider is this.. there is a file that must be set up
in the PCMCIA setup that allocates and reserves specific interrupts to
be used with PCMCIA devices.  You must make sure that the one that is
being given to your PCMCIA card is free and nothing else is using it.  I
remember when I set up a Toshiba laptop, I couldn't get either my mouse
or my ethernet connection working for the longest time.  Until of course
I went in and edited this particular file and told it NOT to allow
anything to tie up the interrupt for the ethernet and the built in touch

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