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Re: crash at partition check during boot

   Remove hdb.  Remove hda and move hdb to hda.  Swap hda and hdb.  Try hda in
   another machine.

   Boot dos(ick!), run FDISK, then run FDISK /MBR.

I tried removinnng hdb, and it did not help.  Given that, swapping the
drives did not seem likely to be helpful.  I had also done fdisk /mbr,
and  it does not seem to have helped.

I did end up putting the incooperative drive is another computer, since I
had three drives for two computers.  (I could get some additional 80 MB
drives, but it doesn't seem that installing them is worth the effort.)

In the slower computer, the incooperative drive works fine, althought
Linux did complain about an invalid partition table until I repartioned
the disk under linux.  (The error was something that mentioned a `sun
disklabel' and a bad magic number of 0000.  Windows 95 seemed happy
using the drive in the original machine.)

I'm inclined to believe that there is some sort of wierd timing problem,
but I do not know.

In any case, I don't have the opporrtunity to experiment futhur, because
that hard drive (and the slower of the two machines) is soon going to
be a critical router at my school.

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