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Re: AWE 64 Troubles despite following FAQ


On Fri, Nov 28, 1997 at 11:08:31AM -0500, Nick Busigin wrote:
> I recently purchased an AWE 64 Value and have been pulling my hair out
> trying to get it to work properly on my Debian system.  I have read

I hope you can get your hairs back, because I can only try to get your
soundcard working ;)

> through Sound-HOWTO as well as the fine "Soundblaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO" by
> Marcus Brinkman.  However, despite all my efforts I am still not able to
> get the WaveTable portion of the card to be recognized by the sound
> driver.


> For some reason, the driver cannot detect the AWE32 portion of the card,
> which I'm assuming is the WaveTable portion.  If anyone could shed some
> light on how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks in advance,
> 				Nick
> Here's a copy of my /etc/isapnp.conf file:

> #  Note that when I ran 'pnpdump > /etc/isapnp.conf' only the 0x0620 entry
> #  showed up, unlike what was shown in the AWE 32/64 HOWTO.  I added the
> #  two other entries to try and make it work, but it doesn't either as shown
> #  or with the two additional entries uncommented.
> (IO 0 (BASE 0x0620))
> #(IO 0 (BASE 0x0a20))
> #(IO 0 (BASE 0x0e20))

Ouch, this is bad :(

However, the lines have not to be commented, so please remake the changes.
But it is still not working?

Please, can you mail me privately:

* Your changed isapnp.conf one more time
* Your /etc/modules, /etc/conf.modules
* The (relevant) output of dmesg ?

* The version number of isapnputils

I hope that this additional information will help. Let's get this beast.


"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."                         Debian GNU/Linux
Marcus Brinkmann                                      http://www.debian.org

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