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RE: Can I use Samba with dial-up?

Þann 19-Nov-97 skrifar Oliver Elphick:
> I have to connect to a client through their Win/NT network to get to their
> Unix machine.  They want me to use Dial-Up Adapter from Win95, but this means
> that I have to drop all other useful work while I boot up that abomination.
> I can't make it work anyway, and as usual with MS stuff I can't find out
> what is going on.
> Can I use Samba to dial out on a modem and connect to their network?  I can
> see how to use Samba across a network, but not how to use it with a direct
> dial-up connection. 
> Since I actually want to talk to a Unix machine, can I do without Samba 
> altogether?
> Does MS Dial-up Adapter use ppp?
> If so, what kind of negotiation does it do? (I'm sure the customer won't
> know.)
> Is it possible to telnet through such a connection to the network beyond?

  It depends on how they've installed their system.  Usually M$ requires a
special M$ handshake with other M$ machines that dial into an NT administered
network.  But the NT can also handle normal PPP/PAP authendication on their
incoming dialup line.  If they use PAP authendication it's easy, the only
abomination from the rule is the user authendication part, which you put
into your pap-secrets file... it must look like

DOMAIN\\username      *      <PASSWORD>

  Where DOMAIN is the NT Domain that is assigned to dialin users at your
remote end.

  However, I was unable to use samba over the serial line... samba didn't
work over it (this was last summer, so maybe it has improved some).  But
once you're connected with PPP (with dynamic IP address for their intranet),
things should be according to your wishes.

  You may notice, that your remote NT server will behave strangely on an
occasion.  One part is, that when you are doing ftp it will freeze.  This
happens if you are downloading a large file, and there is a lot of delay on
the network... usually you'll get the whole file, but won't receive the last
signature packet.  So, just monitor the file until its full and then kill
the ftp session, to keep the file :-)

  Another really neat feature with NT server is, that after a while, especially
if the RAS is configured to use DHCP for the incoming lines instead of fixed
addresses. Is that you'll suddenly get a very LONG pause... this is because
the server got a few other dialers dialing in, and put you down the last on
his queue and forgot you (temporarily :-) ), if it get's annoyingly long till
it remembers you again... just hangup and re-dial the server :-)

  Ahhhhh... Don't you just love Micro$oft and their Neue Technoly? :-)

Hope that helps.

Orn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@oehansen.pp.se
                                        voice+fax; +46 035 217194

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