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I compiled 2.0.32 w/ support for autofs and installed the newest version
of autofs.  I'm trying to auto mount my cdrom drive on /dev/hdd.

when I type ls or whatever in /cdrom, I get the following messages in
automount[]: attempting to mount entry /cdrom/libc.so.6
automount[]: lookup(file): looking up libc.so.6
automount[]: lookup(file): lookup for libc.so.6 failed


here are my config files:
/floppy		/etc/auto.misc
/cdrom		/etc/auto.misc
kernel		-ro			ftp.kernel.org:/pub/linux
boot		-fstype=ext2		:/dev/hda2
cdrom		-fstype=auto,ro		:/dev/hdd
floppy		-fstype=auto		:/dev/fd0
/dev/fd0	/floppy		auto	defaults,noauto,user	0	0
/dev/cdrom	/cdrom		auto	defaults,noauto,ro,user	0	0
/dev/hdd	/cdrom		auto	defaults,noauto,ro,user	0	0

..anyone know what is wrong?


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