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Re: best Linux video card

I don't think 3D is supported right now, though people are
supposably working on getting Mesa to use the hardware 3D features.
It's a damn fast 2D card though.

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Pere Camps wrote:

> Simon,
> > with 4MB of MDRAM. However, for around $220-$230 you should be
> > able to find a Matrox Millenium II with 4MB of WRAM. It's supported
> > as a Millenium I right now, but it'll be even better when it's fully
> > supported as a Millenium 2.
> 	Is the Millenium II good on 3D, or, remaking the question, can I
> use the Millenium II's 3D capabilities under Linux? 

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