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Re: Are there any efficient backup programs for Linux?

> Hallo,

> I would like to hear whether there is a successful backup program for
> Linux which can compare in efficiency with the DOS backup software coming
> with the Iomega Ditto 2Gb. 
I don't know about this device specifically, I would think it just needs
to be recognized properly by the kernel...

> Is there any hope to get an efficient backup program?
Yes!  Try BRU (Backup and Restore Utility) from est.  It's not free,
but I've been burnt more than once by free backup/restore software.
My time, energy and certainly my data are worth the (fair) price for
this product.  I've been using it on several different machines for
some time now and really like it.

I've not yet tried the latest version (recently reviewed in Linux
Journal) but like what I'm using.

> Johann.


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