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Re: BIND help

OK, asides from the separate need for delegation from your upstream
provider of the relevant in-addr.arpa zone, you'll need to do the

- in /var/named/boot.zones:

primary         162.109.198.in-addr.arpa 162.109.198.rev.zone

- in /var/named/162.109.198.rev.zone (or whatever you call the zone file):

@		IN	SOA ns.3dillusion.com hostmaster.3dillusion.com (
			1997110800	; serial
			604800		; refresh - 1 wk
			86400		; retry - 1 day
			2419200		; expire - 4 wks
			604800 )	; default ttl - 1 wk
 ; you may want to change the above values. They're good if your setup is
 ; reasonably stable. I moved my box last week with these settings and
 ; some mail took a little while to find its way. If you're moving hosts
 ; around all the time shorten the values appropriately. These values came
 ; from a DNS FAQ, I think. Your existing values seem a bit low - they
 ; may cause unnecessary DNS traffic.

43		IN	PTR	3dillusion.com.	; (or whatever you want
						; your IP to reverse-
						; resolve to.)

That's it for this file. I just checked out your zone that you posted and
I think it needs some correction. I'm not sure if it should be working
now, even. Here's my version of it:

@		IN	SOA ns.3dillusion.com hostmaster.3dillusion.com (
			97110800	; serial (yymmddxx)
			604800		; refresh 1 week
			86400		; retry 1 day
			2419200		; expire 4 weeks
			604800 )	; ttl 1 week

		IN	A
		IN	MX	100	mail.3dillusion.com.
		IN	NS		ns.3dillusion.com.
ns		IN	A
				; NS RRs not supposed to be CNAMEs
ftp		IN	CNAME		3dillusion.com.
				; This is how CNAMEs work.
mail		IN	CNAME		3dillusion.com.
www		IN	CNAME		3dillusion.com.
3dillusion	IN	CNAME		3dillusion.com.
paul		IN	CNAME		3dillusion.com.
				; Not sure how HINFO is supposed to be
				; formatted. Might need quotes or
				; something.

Hope this is helpful. You need a reference to this file in
/var/named/boot.zones also. If you're using BIND 8, you'll need to run the
'bindconfig' script when you're done to create the new '/etc/named.conf'
that version 8 uses.

Good luck... I remember the nightmare I had getting DNS to work about 2
years ago... figured I'd help someone in a similar situation.


 On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> From: Paul Miller <paul@3dillsion.3dillusion.com>
> To: Debian User <debian-user@lists.debian.org>,
>     Linux Net <linux-net@vger.rutgers.edu>,
>     Linux Admin <linux-admin@vger.rutgers.edu>
> Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 23:24:13 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: BIND help
> I'm having trouble configuring BIND...
> here is my db.3dillusion.com domain configuration file.. I need a matching
> reverse lookup file for this and I don't know how to make one.  Can
> someone help me out here?

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