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cfingerd not working for remote for remote queries


I have some Problems setting up cfingerd.

Local fingering:

I have in /root
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root           30 Nov 21 14:11 .nofinger
but still one can finger root. 

I have a userid martin, but when I "finger martin" I not only get the info
about this user, but also about a user whose name is Martin (his uid is
Heiden). Not the behavior I like.

Remote fingering:

Doesn't work at all.

%finger martin@
This is all I get.

Syslog reports:
Nov 21 14:02:47 bundy xinetd[276]: START: finger pid=2003
Nov 21 14:02:47 bundy xinetd[2003]: USERID: finger OTHER : 400
Nov 21 14:02:47 bundy xinetd[276]: EXIT: finger signal=7 pid=2003

I also tried finger @ and non_existent_uid@
but the result is the same.

I use:

 netstd          3.00-1
 netbase         3.00-1
 xinetd          2.1.7-3
 cfingerd        1.3.2-3
 libc5           5.4.33-7

Does someone use cfingerd successfully? Maybe you could then mail me your
cfingerd.conf ?


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