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Re: Best partition distibution for new install.

On Thu, Nov 20, 1997 at 10:59:20AM -0800, Bill Leach wrote:
> It seems to me that I have had more than 4 logical partitions on one drive
> but memory being what it is (mine that is), I can not be certain.

At this time, I have the main partition table filled, with one of those
being an extended partition, and on that extended partition I am up to nine
logical partitions (bringing me to sda13). I think the partition table limit
is sixteen, but as the devices stop at sda15 [?], I'd have to reconfigure
the kernel to test that.

> As to having both a stable and unstable Debian Linux system on your 
> machine at one time...
> Sharing directories...  While I am sure that there are many opinions 
> about this, mine is that it is fine to share /tmp and /swap.  Sharing 
> /home is, at least in my opinion, some what dangerous.

Duh, I was thinking of NFS mounts from different machines, not different
systems on one machine. Forget what I said about sharing, and refer to the
articles by Bill Leach (the one I am answering) and the one by Ray Ingles.
[tssk, it'll teach me to read things through before posting]

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