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Re: 3c509 Detection problem. Experienced user needs assistance.

A. M. Varon wrote:

> On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Wintermute wrote:
> > I'm not new to Linux by any means, and I've read my eyes raw looking for
> > ways in which to get my 3c509b ISA PnP ethernet card to work under
> > Linux.
> hi Wintermute,
> Some tips:
> Could you try to initialize the 3c509b ISA card under DOS? Remove the PnP
> feature. And try to hard boot the computer after you set the settings, In
> my experience... a soft reboot sometimes is not effective.

Did that as instructed in other messages to mailing lists and as listed in the
directions that come with the 3c5x9cfg.exe tool under DOS. (I'm rather quick
in that respect :) )

> Try to compile a kernel where the 3c509b card is not a module, but is
> compiled in the kernel.

I already mentioned that I had in the list of things I've tried in my previous

> In the 3c509b DOS setup... try to force it to use RJ-45 (if you are using
> a UTP) or coax (if you are using... well, a coax.).

There is no choice to do this in the setup utility as there is only a TPO
(RJ45) capability for the card (and the configuration program tell me so when
I attempt such a thing).

> And one more thing, type dmesg | more and see if the kernel did detect a
> 3c509b PnP card.

Nope, sure doesn't, and I've rebooted my kernel enough time in the past 3 days
to force at least 2 maximal mount count checks, too.

> In my workplace, I have three linux box with a 3c509b PnP cards. All works
> perfectly.

Same here... all my Linux boxes at work (5 total) use the same card I use here
at home.  That's why I'm so frustrated as to why this won't work.  Makes me
want to look over my shoulder and see if Rod Serling is standing there....

> Mail me again if it works.

Well, I'm mailing you anyways.

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