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Re: Cleaning dselect

> Does anyone know a way to clean dselect to only show info on the
> installed packages?

no, you have to clean up your mess ;-)

> I botched some of it, and now its nuts trying to figure what is to be
> installed.. what is considered on purge.. and what is removed.

Try to run through "install" and "configure" stages a couple more times, and 
watch the messages that go scrolling on your screen.  They should give you a 
clue of what's failing.

> I have entries for packages that haven't installed correctly (ie xv..
> due to a conflict ) that isn't on the system to work with anyways... I'd
> like it removed.

mark them for removal by putting the cursor on the name of the package, and 
pressing - to remove or _ to purge.  After you marked them for removal, go 
into "remove" step of dselect, and it should remove all the packages you don't 

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