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Booting from drive connected to a PCMCIA SlimSCSI adapter


I've an external SCSI drive connected to a Adaptec AHA 2920 controller
with Debian 1.3 on it. Now, I want to connect this drive to a PCMCIA
SlimSCSI card inserted in my Compaq Contura and boot using Loadlin
(images on DOS C:), as I always did. I got and installed the PCMCIA
packages from the third week of October in the bo/binary directory. Thus
I recompiled the kernel 2.0.30 to make an appropriate zImage. I was
further informed that I should make an initrd image using 'pcinitrd'.
When I want to mount the image with 'mount -o loop -t ext2 initrd /mnt',
as indicated in 4.3.1 of the PCMCIA HOW-TO, the script says 'Could not
find any device /dev/loop#'. 

Second question: I've a C program (couple thousand of lines) compiled
with DJGPP V2 under Dos and re-compiled under Linux. Now I want to
create an X interface to it. Should I use X-forms or something else ?

Any help ? thank you !


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