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Re: debian 2.0

On Wed, 19 Nov 1997, Timothy Phan wrote:

> Hi Y'all,
>   I think this question has been asked before and I'd like to bring
>   it up again since it been a while.
>   Is there a set day for the Debian 2.0 (or the next release after 1.3.1)?

No. Debian doesn't set release dates in advance. If a serious bug is
discovered in a package that is supposed to be in 2.0, the release can be
delayed until the bug is fixed, depending on how serious the bug is.

>   Where can I find the status of this beside posting this mail frequently!

Please do not post this question frequently. I think the release will be
announced on the list (will it? I think it should be announced on at least
this list since many people only read this list and the release of a new
Debian version is quite important to most of them).


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