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Re: debian-changes-digest Digest V97 #100

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Nick Gilliam wrote:

> The subject Digest (V97 #100) included a message concerning
> pornography.  Hopefully this was simply a mistake as it should
> have nothing whatsoever to do with Debian/GNU Linux.
> However, if you intend to promote this sort of activity in the
> future, please remove me from this list.

Wake up.  The debian-changes mailing list was the victim of a spam attack,
as so many of us are these days.  A system is being implemented to help
insulate the mailing lists from noise like this, but it's not quite ready

Do you honestly think the Debian developers would endorse such a thing, and
do so only by deliberately permitting advertisements to the debian-changes
list, of all places?

It was also inappropriate for you to vent your indignation on the
debian-changes list.  Your message was off-topic for the list and only
contributes to the noise level.  Your personal distate for what you
may consider pornography does not exempt you from the rules of polite
discourse on the Debian mailing lists.

What offends me is not the content of the spam ad (sex) but its nature
(spam ad).  Perhaps if you are too thin-skinned to react to such a thing
rationally, it would be better for you to switch to a more user-friendly
operating system, which tries to insulate its users from content they may
find topically objectionable (too bad one doesn't exist yet).

Unsolicited commercial advertisements are all equally unwelcome, whether
they involve pornography, cars, or even Debian Linux CDs.  Please focus
your displeasure more judiciously in the future, or feel free to remove
yourself from the relevant mailing lists.

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