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Re: Debian installation made D: unreadable.

Pierre Sarrazin <ps@CAM.ORG> writes:

> Hi. I have installed Debian GNU/Linux 1.3.1 (from the Linux
> System Labs CD-ROM) and now the D: drive is unreadable by
> Windows 95...
> I have a 2-gigabyte hard disk that has more than 1024 cylinders.
> Since it was originally installed with a 486 motherboard with
> a BIOS that couldn't handle more than 1024 cylinders, I installed
> a patch from the disk's manufacturer. Today, this hard disk is
> installed with a Pentium motherboard with a modern BIOS, but the
> patch is still there.

_Is_ it still there?  I believe some of those might have gone in thr
MBR, which LILO might have copied over, so you've got a different disk
geometry now.

Anyway, Linux doesn't care so much what the partition tables specify
for the type, so you could try mounting the disk under Linux:

    # mount -t vfat -r /dev/hda5 /mnt

or whatever partition Linux thinks it's on - check the bootup message
(via dmesg).  That might let you get the files back.  Alternatively,
you might have formatted part of it because Linux didn't see the
geometry patch.  :-(  You could try setting the type back with fdisk
or cfdisk.

You can access the partition under Linux as /dev/hda5 just like a
file.  For instance: strings -10 /dev/hda5 will extract most of the
plain text in the partition.

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